Monday, October 18, 2010

Photos on the run

Hi Everyone,

I'm in Abuja now with 3 more days to go in Nigeria. Unfortunately, I had to bow out of our day-trip today due to some stomach trouble. It's not too bad - I just couldn't see myself bouncing around country roads for 5 hours today in the back seat of a van with nowhere to stop. I realized how tired out I've been when I woke up at 11:30 this morning thinking it was still the middle of the night.

Because we've spent so much time in the van going straight to schools and then straignt back to the hotel, it's been really hard to get any good photos. Nearly all of my photos have been out of the window of a moving van. Still, I thought I would share with you short photo diary of those few photos I've been able to capture along the way.

Zoot suit gangstas

Who knew the Eggman was Nigerian?

You can find Socrates' warnings about HIV written up in Plato's Republic.

Melons multiply rapidly when left to their own devices in the back seat.

I have nothing funny to say about these people. I just like the photo.

That's all for now - the rest of my photos, if usable, will require some significant editing in photoshop. Oh, but here's one more photo for Dave:

Wine in a can! Who knew?


  1. Aww Sandi, I also keep you close in my thinking! Nigerian is just a messed up country....insecurity and corruption just keep getting worst there as other countries are fighting to reduce those devils...Can u believe they told me that the 500 000 CFA (not naira) is a deposit and the only reason they gave ma was that many people still SUVs and get through from Benin to go sale them in Nigeria. Nor I or my driver looked nothing like thief...I am half Nigerian but I hate a country where II cannot even trust peoplee in uniforms..also hate it of course because I had a chance to share two years of things with the person I consider my best friend....I even tried to explain to them that I am seing my friend after two years...they did not have "the heart" to understand...their heart is replaced with evile wrapped in some bank bills lolll
    Sandi I am sooo sorry I couldn't see you, I am even sorry and ashamed because of the reasons...SORRY! I also feel sorry and bad for you not being able to share photos we took and my news witth Angie and Jen cause I know they were happy and would expect news from "little miss trouble":::::)
    Know that you are safe in Abuja...i know you'll be so well treated in HILTON you'll not miss home too much.
    Take care and enjoy HILTON!

  2. The cans of wine aren't nearly big enough...I'm holding out for the Fosters Oil Can of Wine.